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NEW MUSIC: Sean Moore – "Help"

According to Sean:

“‘Help’ was recorded in one take using a micro-cassette recorder on October 9th, 2011.  This particular method of recording harkens back to my 2007 lo-fi solo release, Tone Poems in Low Fidelity.  This track may lead to another full-length record of similar proportions.  But for now, it stands alone.”

“Help” is available as a free download over at Sean’s Bandcamp site.

Matt Kamm of Telethon has been very, very busy

So, this thing bubbled up the other day: a Telethon remix of seven songs from Yip-Yip‘s new album:

And that was pretty cool. Local-on-local action is always sweet, but it’s even sweeter when it’s cross-genre local-on-local action.

And then Telethon’s mad genius Matt Kamm sent me an email making sure I had heard that, and dropped a few more bombs on me.

Like this:

#1 Hits (1295-1802) is a 27-track compilation that brings together some of Telethon’s best moments over the project’s wildly disparate history.

And this:

A 24-track distillation of the best of the long-developing R. Stevie Moore tribute project. Of the nearly 200 tracks to submitted to the project (so far!), these were deemed to be the best, and right there alongside Ariel Pink is our very own Telethon. Sweet!

And this:

i also have 2 7″ releases coming out on Glowmobile. 1 due the end of this year with R. Stevie Moore’s cover of me and me of him.
Another is completely new material…

And that’s your most recent edition of “What’s up with Matt Kamm and Telethon.” In the next edition, look forward to scintillating tales of t-topped gold sportscars and backstage kerfuffles.

NEW VIDEO: In Curses – "Moon Water"

You’ve donated to In CursesKickstarter project, haven’t you? If you haven’t, you’ll probably want to after watching this.

You don’t know who In Curses is? Here’s the deal:

Once upon a time, recently, in a land not too far away at all… In Curses began. Alexandrah (lead vocalist of Solillaquists of Sound) and Sean Kantrowitz decided to move in together. It wasn’t long before the music coming from Sean’s room caught Alexandrah’s attention, and the idea to start a group was formed. After months and months of writing, rehearsing, and finding the talents of Aaron Mellick and Robby Copeland, the four members began recording their debut album, ‘Reaching Field.’


NEW MUSIC: Acoquí – "Demos"


13 new demos from Acoquí, f/k/a Galleries, a/k/a Alberto Hernandez of Viernes and Young Brother. Here's what he says about them:

These are all bedroom studio demos I plan to re-record in a legit studio, hopefully with my friend in LA, Brian Foote who recently co-produced the new Zola Jesus album and has mixed Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza records….

Check ’em out:

Also, Hernandez will be playing a “secret park show” sometime soon with Maximino and Dark Sea of Awareness. The only details I’ve got on that is that a generator and Norse Korea will be involved and, as Alberto says, it will be some “ambient vibes in the park.”

NEW MUSIC: Mr. Pussy – "Single Summer" EP

Total. Fucking. Devastation.

Again, for those who don’t know, but should, Mr. Pussy is Max Green (Great Deceivers), Eric Pitman (VRGNS), Andrew Lacour (Khann), and the almighty Phil Longo (your favorite band, at some point or another).

Free music from the State of Florida Archives? Free music from the State of Florida Archives.

FloridaMemory.com is a great repository of archival photos, audio, and video from the State of Florida’s Division of Library & Information Services. The website itself is a rabbit hole of wonderful Floridiana, and if you’re not careful, you can end up losing an entire afternoon digging around exploring cool stuff.

The “Audio” section is the one that, obviously, grabbed my attention first, and it’s a doozy. You can listen to/download hours and hours worth of incredible music from the Florida Folklife Collection, blues, latin, Asian, and even Klezmer music, the source material of which ranges from WPA-era documentation to recent folk festivals. Best of all, they’ve also got five excellent compilation CDs – two Florida Folklife collections, a gospel collection, a blues set, and a bluegrass set – that you can download from the site OR request a complimentary CD copy of. Yeah, FREE MUSIC. And it’s pretty incredible stuff. Doc Watson, Zora Neale Hurston, Gamble Rogers doing “Orange Blossom Special” … it just goes on and on

I realize this may not be new news (they’ve been doing this for a while), but it was new news to me, so I thought I’d spread the word.

NEW MUSIC: We're So Hip (ex-Diocious)

This is nearly a month old, and for that … apologies. We’re So Hip is a new solo project from ex-Diocious drummer Partin Whitaker (also of Mobella and the Savi Fernandez Band), and the six-song, self-titled EP he’s gone and made is a pretty far cry from the noodle-rock you may associate with his other bands, as it opts for a much more direct and visceral rock ‘n’ roll approach. Check it out: