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NEW VIDEO: In Curses – "Moon Water"

You’ve donated to In CursesKickstarter project, haven’t you? If you haven’t, you’ll probably want to after watching this.

You don’t know who In Curses is? Here’s the deal:

Once upon a time, recently, in a land not too far away at all… In Curses began. Alexandrah (lead vocalist of Solillaquists of Sound) and Sean Kantrowitz decided to move in together. It wasn’t long before the music coming from Sean’s room caught Alexandrah’s attention, and the idea to start a group was formed. After months and months of writing, rehearsing, and finding the talents of Aaron Mellick and Robby Copeland, the four members began recording their debut album, ‘Reaching Field.’


Help get Alias Punch out on the road for their "HyperTourea"


Alias Punch will be releasing their Hypberborea EP on vinyl in the next couple of months, and, as bands should do, are planning on hitting the road shortly thereafter to illuminate people in other cities’ as to their ass-kickingness. You can help them with their evangelism by heading to their Kickstarter page and giving them some money. (They’re only asking for $1,000!)

Help Garbo's Daughter out on their awesome West Coast tour

Garbo's Daughter (photo by Katie O'Dare)

So, a few days ago, I was gonna mention how cool it was that Orlando’s own Garbo’s Daughter (proud recipients of a “Band of the Week” nod from this very blog) was gonna be undertaking a West Coast tour with Paul Collins’ Beat and Audacity. This is a very big deal; check it out:

Anyway, I’m glad I waited to mention it, because such a tour is also very expensive, and Garbo’s Daughter just started up a Kickstarter to raise the measly $1000 they need to keep gas in their van and food in their bellies. And, of course, to represent the fine city of Orlando to all points west. Most of the “incentives” include the band’s excellent “Spin & Melt” 7-inch, and all kinds of other cool stuff. DO THIS.

HEY NERDS: Nerdapalooza needs your help

Don’t worry. Nerdapalooza is happening, and it’s still on schedule for July 15-17 at the Orlando Airport Mariott. And all of your favorite nerd-music acts are still on the bill: Metroid Metal, The Protomen, Armcanon,the Bossfights, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Krondor Krew, Marc With A C, Random Encounter, Sci-Fried, Beebs & Her Money Makers (uh … okay), and lots more.

But, in the interest of “finalizing headliners, locking in merchandising, and most importantly … funding proper sound equipment,” Nerdapalooza’s organizers have set up a Kickstarter to raise $4500 by July 8. They just started it a little less than a week ago, and they’ve already got a third of their goal. So, do the nerdy thing and go help ’em get all the way.

Matt Butcher Kickstarting his new Ghostwriting LP

Now this is how I like to see a Kickstarter project done. Matt Butcher has already recorded his second album, Ghostwriting, and sunk $4,000 of his own money into the Justin Beckler-produced sessions. Now, he wants his fans to help 1) get the album pressed/distributed, and, 2) promoted. He’s looking for the unusually specific amount of $3,450 to do that, and after just a couple days on Kickstarter, he’s already halfway there, thanks in no small part to the fact that someone ponied up $750 for a private set at their house!

Check out the fundraising for Ghostwriting over at Kickstarter.

Afterglow Radio trying to Kickstart their next (apparently, very expensive) record

Local radio-rockers Afterglow Radio just started up a Kickstarter to record their third album, and … wow, it’s kinda pricey. The band is looking for $7,500 to go into the studio which, you know, kinda seems like a lot, even for a record with plenty of modern-rock sheen. It’s a pretty bold ask on behalf of the band – especially considering they haven’t said how much dough the band itself is putting into the project, or, really, any other details – but hopefully their fans come through for them.


Help Hear Hums Hit the Highway

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