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NEW MUSIC ROUNDUP: Howling Owls, Telethon, Yip-Yip, Bloody Jug Band, Neon NiteClub

Howling Owls have a new song up to preview their upcoming Purple on Purple EP. Check out “Spirits to Lift My Spirits”:

“Financial Children” is a brand-new track from Estate Sale Boat, from their long-in-progress album. (Hurry up guys!) It’s gotten some very nice press, even from as far away as Hungary. (Seriously, this blog post is 1000% awesome.)

The Bloody Jug Band's debut EP, First Drops, came out a few months ago, but it's now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Also available on iTunes and Amazon is the second EP from Neon NiteClub: Eighty 4.

Telethon has a great new song, because Telethon always has a great new song. This one is called “Get Things Wrong.”

And last, but definitely not least: Yip-Yip‘s new album, Bone Up, is pretty amazing, and now it’s out and available for everyone to enjoy. $3 for a download, $4 for a tape, $6 for a CD.