Who I am

My name is Jason Ferguson; I’m a writer, editor, traveler, husband and father. I’ve been writing about music, movies, books, travel and whatever else interests me since the early ’90s, with my work appearing everywhere from MTV, Playboy and Time Out to Travel + Leisure, Salon, Alternative Press and many other outlets. I’m currently employed as the Editorial Manager at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, a position I took after working five years as Music & Film Editor at Orlando Weekly, a seeming eternity managing the best record store on Earth,  and a few years as Music Editor at Creative Loafing in Atlanta. I’m also a very busy freelancer, and I wrote a couple of travel books – Moon Florida and Moon Sarasota & Naples.

In an attempt to get as much of my written material as possible in one place, I started this blog. Some of my favorite things can be found on this page; they may be things that I really like that I wrote about, or just pieces of writing that I’m particularly pleased with. Hopefully, I can get a good percentage of my archives up in this space and won’t get distracted by blogging about other things, like I do on Tumblr.

If you want to put me to work, don’t hesitate to ask. Just email me.

One response to “Who I am

  1. Very interesting. i enjoyed reading one of your music reviews. i also love bhel puri myself

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