OrlandoMusicNews.com was founded on a simple premise: the music scene in Orlando is interesting, diverse, and worth talking about. And, for too long, there hasn’t been an ideal place to talk about it. I should know, because for five years, I was Music Editor at Orlando Weekly, and I’ve been a nationally published music writer for (gulp) 20+ years. Despite my best attempts at the paper – both as editor, and later as a freelance contributor – it increasingly became clear that the weekly print format is not an ideal one to cover an explosive and exciting music scene like Orlando’s. I love Orlando Weekly, and think that it’s the best-written media outlet in this city. But I also think it’s time to try something different. OK, maybe “starting a blog” is the least original idea on the planet, but I think that on this blog I – and my soon-to-arrive cavalry of contributors – will be able to provide an authoritative, opinionated, and informative voice on what’s going on in Orlando’s music scene. Yes, I know there are already quite a few sites doing a fantastic job talking about music in Orlando, and I think that’s great; however, each of them seems to focus on a particular niche of the city’s scene, and cover it in super-meticulous detail. Hopefully, here at this blog, I’ll be able to provide a broader and more diverse selection of information that gives readers in each of those niches some idea what everyone else is doing too. I hope you enjoy it.

~ Jason Ferguson

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5 responses to “About

  1. Go Jason, Go!

  2. This is a great idea and fantabulus news! I shall spread the word about the Blog/Website and contribute links, etc to any great local music I hear about. HooRay!!!

  3. Michael Kniseley

    Love The Weekly, however this needed to happen and it is proof positive that Orlando’s music scene has grown beyond it’s ‘one horse town’ days. Good on ya Jason!

  4. Great to see those photos The Leatherman Archers of Loaf wow

  5. I love the site, I’m gonna link you to mine soon. Keep up the good work.

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