BAND OF THE WEEK: Saskatchewan


Every week at Orlando Music News, the site highlights a local band. A good local band. This week, Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan plays Will’s on Monday, Oct. 3, with Roadkill Ghost Choir, Maximino, and Luminary Youth. 

Just the facts:

When formed:

We formed as a band around February.

Band members’ names & instruments:

  • Chandler Strang: Guitar/vocals
  • Michael Serrin: Keyboard/vocals
  • Sam Semchuck: Bass/vocals
  • David Plakon: Aux/keyboards
  • Gery Layug: Drums

Any band members currently/formerly in other projects?

Chandler played in The Tenant and Introduction to Sunshine, Michael is in Loud Valley and Michael & Dave are in Introduction to Sunshine. Pretty much all of us have side projects too.

Currently available releases:

  • “Skinny Dipping” 7-inch
  • “Nice Daze” 7-inch
  • “Dreamboat” single


Upcoming Shows:

  • Oct. 3: Will’s Pub w/Roadkill Ghost Choir, Maximino, Luminary Youth
  • Oct. 13: Back Booth w/PS I Love You, which is the first show in a trip up the East Coast for CMJ.

Describe your sound:

Airy, synth based dreampop.

Five Questions:

1) What has been your most memorable show so far?

We haven’t had too many at this point but I’d say the last time we played Will’s for the Great Deceiver’s CD release show. Good vibes all around that night.

2) Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?

Probably Maximino. He’s coming with us up to NYC this month. Really looking forward to seeing him every night. A close tie for second is Great Deceivers and Roadkill Ghost Choir. Tonight will be our first time playing with Roadkill but I already have a good feeling about it.

3) What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?

We’re not Canadian.

4) What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What’s your least favorite?

Orlando has a growing music scene and has been very supportive of our efforts which we greatly appreciate. The only down side is that it’s so hot all the time.

5) Any big news to share?

We’re working on a full length that is set to be released next February. I think that’s all I can officially say about it.

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