BAND OF THE WEEK: The Mud Flappers

The Mud Flappers

Every week at Orlando Music News, the site highlights a local band. A good local band. This week, The Mud Flappers.

The Mud Flappers have THREE shows this week: Wednesday, Sep. 28 @ the food truck thing at Firestone, Thursday, Sept. 29 on-air on Real Radio 104.1, and Friday, Sept. 30 at Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford for the Boudoir Bombshells calendar release party. 

Just the facts:

When formed:


Band members’ names & instruments:

  • George Blair Moore Jr ~ Mandolin & Trumpet
  • Lauren Carder ~ Guitar, Harmonica, Kazoo, Ankle Bells
  • Sarah Elizabeth Patrick ~ Fiddle & Ukelele
  • Marc Lingle ~ Banjo & Piano
  • Mike Foreman ~ Accordion
  • Jake Williams ~ Upright Bass
  • Mikey Bulko ~ Hits things with sticks (usually a drum & cymbal or some rickety rackety)

Any band members currently/formerly in other projects?

Lauren Carder has a solo project, Lauren Carder and the Multiple Me. She’s also played in Saving Twilight, and the experimental electronic band Decline of Day. George, Sarah and Mike Fo were all in the local folk/punk outfit, Deathmites. Sarah used to play keys in Ayin, a post hardcore/new wave band from Louisville, Kentucky. George and Mikey have a prog rock side project called Current Wars. George also produces music of all types (including our own) at his studio ‘Everywhere Is On Fire’. He also used to play guitar in local metal bands, Trivium & The Autumn Offering (which he founded with Mike Fo when they were 15). Mikey formerly drummed in a metal band called Nothing Is Sacred from Vassar, Michigan. Jake is in the punk band American Destitution with his brother, Drew. He also produces reggae/dub beats under the name MinutiaDub. Marc is active in theatre, just finishing Oedipus for Kids! at BreakThrough Theatre of Winter Park.

Currently available releases:

Currently we only have a limited amount of hand made copies of ‘Onomatopoeia’. The soundtrack to a Fringe Festival play of the same name that featured us earlier this year. It is available for download on our bandcamp site and contains all of the band’s recorded material to date. We are looking forward to formally releasing our debut full length album in early 2012!





Describe your sound:

A Floridana folk monster that makes you want to dance.

Five Questions:

1) What has been your most memorable show so far?

Our time in this year’s Fringe Festival play, ‘Onomatopoeia’ was definitely one of the best times we’ve ever had! We are so grateful for all of the support that came from that community, and look forward to hopefully working with Fringe next year!

Our most memorable traditional show with the whole band was definitely last June at Orlando Brewing. The crowd was great, sound was awesome, people danced, and not to mention all the beer! Those brews sure are cat’s pajamas.

2) Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?

The only act we’ve ever played with more than once is Bartender Brian, he’s a swell guy & his songs are some of the best drinking music you’ll ever have the pleasure of jammin’ in your earholes.

3) What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?

Why when people just SAY our group’s name instead of SINGING it. Most guys and gals just let our name roll off the tongue like a dead fish. No inflection see, our name was meant to be said with melody, rhythm, and gusto! Not to mention in harmony if there’s more than one of ya.

4) What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What’s your least favorite?

We have pretty much the same answer for both questions, but a big fav would be the folk community expanding as much as it is. It’s a hell of a thing but this town has so many places to play and people to entertain, not to mention all the great bands. Although it’s so welcoming to play at home, it can keep you from putting in the effort to venture out, because it’s so comfortable.

5) Any big news to share?

Our Accordion player Mike Fo is having a baby! So out goes a BIG CONGRATS to him and his lovely wife Jen from all of us, and all of you that like babies!

We’re also gearing up to write & record our debut full length album which we are shooting to release in early 2012.

Also be on the lookout for a series of short films we’ll be releasing to promote our Kickstarter campaign for the album production!

3 responses to “BAND OF THE WEEK: The Mud Flappers

  1. Congratulations to the best band in the area….

  2. Excellent band, The Mud Flappers. Congrats!!!

  3. A live show that doesn’t disappoint. A swell group of cats well worth going to see. Congrats ya’ll and I’m stoked for the album.

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