New Orlando concert listings (Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, Paul Collins, New Pornographers, Two Piece Mini Fest, KEN Mode, Thrice, Royal Bangs, Hunx & his Punx, Bright Eyes, and a WHOLE LOT more)

This Hunx and His Punx photo was stolen from a great write-up of the band in Trebuchet magazine. One can only hope for this much sexy goodness when the band hits Will's on Sept. 10.

Alright, I’ll admit it: I’ve been less than diligent over the past couple of weeks when it comes to updating the concert listings. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, because when I leave them alone for a couple of weeks, man they sure do pile up. And when it’s coming up on a mega-packed Fall concert calendar, they really pile up. So, without further apologies or adieu, here’s a whole bunch of recent (and, uh, not-so-recent) concert announcements:

Aug. 3: BJ Barham (WIll’s)

Aug. 4: Color by Deluxe, Howling Owls (Tom & Jerry’s) (!)

Aug. 4: Big City Bombers (Taste)

Aug. 4: Chuck Cannon, Tim Bradley, Bronze Radio Return (Social)

Aug. 5: Van Gumby, Alias Punch, Tam Tam (Copper Rocket)

Aug. 5: Nu Era, Traverser, Razorz Edge, Murderfly (Hard Rock Live)

Aug. 5: The Die Tryins, Greenland Is Melting, Sterling Schroeder, Cassandra Wilcox (Will’s)

Aug. 5: Rug, Say Never, Soulswitch, Lovejuice (Social)

Aug. 6: The Soul Birds, the Groves (Back Booth0

Aug. 10: Shit Robot (Firestone)

Aug. 10: Citycop, City Of Ifa, Henrietta, Ten-Fifty, Conquer (Hoops)

Aug. 12: The Panhandler, Adam Goodrich (Austin’s)

Aug. 12: Neon NiteClub, Britt Daley (Will’s)

Aug. 13: Off With Their Heads, Dead To Me, The Riot Before (Back Booth)

Aug. 13: Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, the Cook Trio (Will’s)

Aug. 13: Matt Butcher (Social)

Aug. 17: Basements of Florida, Hungry Gayze, Flashlights (Hoops)

Aug. 17: Dead Prez (Social)

Aug. 18: La Banda Algarete (Social)

Aug. 19: Mandy Sloan (Austin’s)

Aug. 19: Billy Wright (McRaney’s)

Aug. 20: Woody Pines (McRaney’s)

Aug. 22: The Chop Tops (Social)

Aug. 24: The Appleseed Cast (Social)

Aug. 24: Viva Le Vox, The 1, 4 ,5’s, Jonathan Silva, Joshua Pearson (Will’s)

Aug. 24: Chiddy Bang, Big Sean (UCF Arena)

Aug. 25: Rayland Baxter (Plaza)

Aug. 26: Bloody Jug Band, Roadkill Ghost Choir, DC Wilson (Will’s)

Aug. 26: Two Piece Mini Fest (Social)

Aug. 27: Orange Avenue Jam (Social)

Aug. 28: Holiday Shores (Will’s)

Sept. 2: Kelly Craven, Zap Dragon & the Attack (Austin’s)

Sept. 4-13: Accidental Music Festival

Sept. 5: John Vanderslice, the Pauses (McRaney’s)

Sept. 5: Cough, Fire in the Cave, Druid Lord, Swamp Ruins (Will’s)

Sept. 8: Chet Samuels (Social)

Sept. 9: Guttermouth (Back Booth0

Sept. 10: Alex Goot, Tiffany Alvord, Luke Conard (Social)

Sept. 10: Hunx and His Punx (Will’s)

Sept. 11: Bright Eyes (House of Blues)

Sept. 11: Woodsman, Fever, Hear Hums (Will’s)

Sept. 15: Bob Schneider (Social)

Sept. 16: Spam Allstars (Social)

Sept. 18: Paul Collins, Garbo’s Daughter, the Woolly Bushmen (Will’s)

Sept. 18: Meat Puppets (Social)

Sept. 18: Atmosphere, Evidence, Blueprint (Beacham)

Sept. 23: Fake Problems, Guy Harvey (Back Booth)

Sept. 23: Tab Benoit (Plaza)

Sept. 27: Enter the Haggis (Plaza)

Sept. 29: Langhorne Slim (Will’s)

Oct. 5: Junior Boys (Social)

Oct. 5: Weird Al Yankovic (Hard Rock Live)

Oct. 7: Arctic Monkeys (Hard Rock Live)

Oct. 8: Thrice (Beacham)

Oct. 8: KEN Mode, Atlas Moth, Khann, Hollow Leg, Orbweaver (WIll’s)

Oct. 10: Yuck (Social)

Oct. 13: New Pornographers, Telekinesis (Becham)

Oct. 13: P.S. I Love You (Back Booth0

Oct. 14: Royal Bangs, Bear Hands (Back Booth)

Oct. 27: The Drums (Social)

Nov. 6: March Fourth Marching Band (Plaza)

Nov. 12: Ether, Euro-Asia (Will’s)

Nov. 15: AP Tour: Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight (Social)

Nov. 30: Airborne Toxic Event (Beacham)

3 responses to “New Orlando concert listings (Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, Paul Collins, New Pornographers, Two Piece Mini Fest, KEN Mode, Thrice, Royal Bangs, Hunx & his Punx, Bright Eyes, and a WHOLE LOT more)

  1. Also, Capsule, Abuse, Sterile Prophet, and Fire in the Cave are playing Substance Art Bar on 9/23! I tried to submit this info through the proper form but it must’ve been lost in the mail…

  2. Well this is embarrassing… it’s in August, not September. Forgive me for my inability to count…

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