Cast your vote in the Orlando Music News "OMNi" Awards


First, a big thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process for the first annual Orlando Music News OMNi Awards. The response was huge. In fact, the response was so huge – nearly 2000 nominations were submitted –  I’ve had to modify the actual voting process a little bit.

Instead of just picking the top five nomination-getters in each category, I decided to include all of the entries that collectively gathered 50% of the nominations submitted in each category. Picking just five entries in each category – when there were so many more than that who garnered huge numbers of nominations – just didn’t seem very fair. The whole idea of a nominations process is to get the best stuff out there for a vote, and this seemed the best way to do it. The result is that each category has a rather large number of possibilities (which I’ve listed in alphabetical order), but since readers of Orlando Music News are so savvy, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

Which brings me to the very last category: General Awesomeness. There were quite a few bands/artists who received many nominations across multiple categories, but not enough in any one category to reach that 50% threshold. Again, it didn’t seem fair to exclude them when they clearly inspired so many people to nominate them, so I rounded up the top 20 nomination-getters who didn’t make it into any other category and put them in the General Awesomeness category; that is the only category where you can vote for more than one artist or band.

Oh yeah, I apologize for the confusion about “Best Old Band.” I was trying to delineate between “Best New Band” and “Best Band That Is Not A New Band,” and “Best Old Band” seemed the easiest way to do that. Well, it wasn’t: It yielded quite a few nominations for bands that don’t exist anymore (you guys really miss Band Marino!), but I didn’t include those.

OK, enough of that blahblahblah: VOTING ENDS 11:59 p.m., TUESDAY, JULY 12, SO GO VOTE (after the jump):

Voting is closed. See the winners here.

16 responses to “Cast your vote in the Orlando Music News "OMNi" Awards

  1. Happy to be part of supporting the Orlando music scene.

  2. I AM, i said.
    Music is good,
    live music is better yet,

  3. DJ Smilin'Dan


  4. You should have had LEGACY in for Solo artist!!! or at least General awareness…

  5. voted! cool stuff!

  6. Hey! Where are “The Woolly Bushmen”…head and shoulders above the pack in the new band category…fan favorite and great live?????

  7. Maybe I’m biased, but I thought that Jeffrey (Kick Bright Zine) was a pretty big local music supporter for the past 15 years. Also, there’s no denying Danny Mcguire who drives all the way from Polk City to come to shows. Also, it would have been cool to have a category for specific musicians: vocals, guitarist, bassist, drummer. I wonder who people would pick. What can I say? I couldn’t make up my mind and I waited too long to vote. Oh, well.

  8. how many votes to be nominated?

  9. Thanks for the nomination! Go locals!

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