New Orlando concert announcements [OMD, M83, Chromeo, Hammell on Trial, Kaleigh Baker, the Toasters, more]

Yes, OMD is coming to Orlando on Sept. 17. No, OMD doesn't look like this anymore.

July 16: Thee Wilt Chamberlin, Watership Sound, Love Destruction, Shotgun Style (Copper Rocket)

July 23: Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets, Lauris Vidal (McRaney’s)

July 28: Roger Docking (NV)

July 28: Tyler Bryant, Bracher Brown (Plaza)

July 29: Shawn Fisher (McRaney’s)

July 30: Crisis in Hollywood, Midsummer’s Fire, Dying Regime (Social)

Aug. 6: The Sweetkisses, Lonesome City Travelers  (Social)

Aug. 11: Andromeda, The Nu-Ridians, Doxside Music Group (Social)

Aug. 12: Kaleigh Baker, Emily Kopp, Sarah Purser (Social)

Aug. 16: Hammell on Trial (Will’s)

Aug. 22: The Chop Tops, the Rocketz, the Strikers (Social)

Sept. 2: 3rd Annual Michael Jackson Tribute featuring DJ BMF (Social)

Sept. 2: Art of Dying (Plaza)

Sept. 17: OMD | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (Beacham)

Sept. 21: Chromeo, Mayer Hawthorne (Beacham)

Oct. 24: The Toasters (Social)

Nov. 2: M83, Active Child (Social)

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