Every week at Orlando Music News, the site highlights a local band or artist. A good local band or artist. This week, singer-songwriter Emily Kopp.

Emily Kopp kicks off her two-week tour of the Southeast with a show at Will’s Pub on Friday, July 1.

Just the facts:

When formed:

I’ve been writing original music for the past year or so. More recently, I brought along some great guys to be my backing band (January).

Band members’ names & instruments:

  • Abe Alam: Guitar
  • Carey Frank: Keys
  • Mason Fox: Drums
  • Nasrula Rahbari: Bass

and of course, I play the acoustic guitar, sing, and have been known to play the egg shaker.

Any band members currently/formerly in other projects?

My band consists of talented jazz students. Mason Fox, Abe Alam, and Carey Frank study jazz at The University of Central Florida, and Nasrula  currently studies jazz at Valencia College and will be studying the bass at Rollins College this coming year. They all are working musicians & here is a list of projects that they have been/currently involved in.

  • Abe Alam:  Freelance guitarist, Gospel Church
  • Carey Frank : Organizes weekly jazz jam at the local college cafe Natura/keyboardist  in Epcot band, Morrocan/ Church Keyboardist
  • Mason Fox: Freelance drummer, Orlando Jazz Orchestra
  • Nasrula  Rahbari: A Palace in Persia (band)

Currently available releases:

“How Did We Get Here” single; released June 21st, 2011 (iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3)

Upcoming Shows:

  • July 1st, 2011: Tour Kickoff Show @ Will’s Pub [Orlando, FL)
  • July 5th, 2011: @ The Village Tavern [Mount Pleasant, SC]
  • July 6th, 2011: @ Slim’s Downtown [Raleigh, NC]
  • July 8th, 2011: @ The White Mule [Columbia, SC]
  • July 15th, 2011: @ Eddie’s Attic [Decatur, GA]


Describe your sound:

Soulful, deep, poppy, Norah Jones+Sara Bareilles lovechild, groovin

Five Questions:

1) What has been your most memorable show so far?

April 30th 2011 @ The Backbooth [Orlando, FL] with Larkin Poe. There were 150 people there are the energy was simply priceless. I recorded my live record that night.

2) Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?

Although I’ve never even met, let alone played a show with this band, I’m sure it would be a good time: Andy Matchett & The Minks.

3) What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?

“What’s the name of your band?” I guess people just assume that we are a band, one unit, with one name.. like “The Dave Matthews Band” for instance. However, they are my backup band. I tell people to picture John Mayer and his band. Mayer writes the tunes, and they play them. That’s pretty much how it works. I would like to give them a name one day though haha. I joke with them all of the time, “maybe I’ll name you guys, “the fellas”… “Emily Kopp & the fellas”. They aren’t too crazy about that though.

4) What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What’s your least favorite?

Well, certainly, there is no doubt that Orlando does have a great music culture. When most people think of Orlando, they think of tourism, and Disney; as a friend once put it so cleverly, “Orlando has a lot of culture, it just doesn’t slap you right in the face.. you need to go looking for it.” I think that there is a great appreciation for music here, so that is a plus. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve been in the game long enough here to find out any negatives. Talk to me in a year, maybe I’ll have something for ya!

5) Any big news to share?

The record is done being recorded and is currently being mixed/mastered (I’ve been working with producer Justin Beckler [Amy Steinberg, Matt Butcher, Andy Matchett]). The big news is that the single was released on Tuesday, June 21st (iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and Rhapsody), and the full record will be released in October 2011. I’m working on more touring, and trying to fill up my calendar. So, any new announcements will be made at my site:

4 responses to “ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Emily Kopp

  1. Oh so this girl Emily Kopp wrote those great bass lines and the melody and everything? Give me a break, maybe you wrote the lyrics and the chord structure but the layers that these great jazz musicians did a lot of the heavy lifting. Maybe you should throw them some credit….

  2. Hey I heard that line before about the Orlando culture. Looking forward to the EP release. “How Did We Get Here” is amazing!! Can’t wait to see what the future holds of this young star!!

  3. Hi Bryan,

    This is Justin Beckler. I produced the upcoming Emily Kopp Ep. I’ll be happy to answer your questions about the recording process. No, Emily Kopp did not play the bass guitar. Those parts were developed in a session she was present at with her bass player Nasrula Rahbari. She did in fact create the music, arrangements and wrote the melodies. While the band was fantastic throughout the production, the music you hear is a product of Emily’s hard work and talent.

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