This week's charts from WPRK [June 17 – June 23]

From WPRK’s website, here’s a rundown of this week’s most-played local (and regional) artists for the last week.

  1. Random Encounter
  2. Kaleigh Baker
  3. Star Lake
  4. The Lee Boys
  5. Abdias Ernesto Garcia
  6. Sci-Fried
  7. Yogurt Smoothness
  8. A Brilliant Lie
  9. Soul inSanity
And, here’s their Top 10 “overall” chart for the past week:
  1. Moby
  2. Bernard Hermann
  3. David Bowie
  4. The Antlers
  5. Friendly Fires
  6. Gnarls Barkley
  7. Bootsy Collins
  8. Woods
  9. Random Encounter
  10. Kaleigh Baker

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