Why do you stay home instead of going to a show?

This is an honest question, and one that I’ve been curious about for a while. I know nobody can go to every show, although some of us may try. Life gets in the way, etc., etc. But whenever I ask people why they didn’t make it to a particular show they were stoked about, the answers are generally one of the following. So I’d like to ask the readers of Orlando Music News that question:

4 responses to “Why do you stay home instead of going to a show?

  1. it’s definitely a combo of shows starting too late on weeknights and not wanting to go out alone. usually the main problem is that i can’t convince my roommate to go out that late on a weeknight unless it’s a band we’re really stoked for. (although i generally won’t attend a show at HOB/hard rock because they’re too expensive, i don’t usually bill those shows as something i’m planning on doing because i know those stupid service fees are just gonna make me cranky.)

  2. Excellent poll. I look forward to the results and already find the leading answer very interesting.

  3. 3 Main Reasons are: High Costs in a Bad Economy, Over-Booked n’ Lackluster Bills, & Rude Staff/Bartenders/Security… There are other reasons but those are the first that come to mind.

  4. My “other” was that I’m usually too burnt out from other shows. Some nights I just have to stay in and rest.

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