New Orlando concert announcements [Cults, Don Zientara, Sunshine State of Mind, Friendly Fires, Jimmy Gnecco, lots more]

Garbo's Daughter kicks off their West Coast tour with farewell show at Wally's on June 23, with the Wooly Bushmen and the Lifeforms. (photo by Katie O'Dare)

OK, to be fair, not all of these are totally “new.” I forgot to post concert announcements last week, so this covers two weeks’ worth of stuff I’ve found out about. As always, make sure to check the Upcoming Concerts page for a running and mostly-current list of shows in and around Orlando. And, if you want to let me know about an upcoming show, just hit the Submit Your Show Info page.

June 21: Black Wine (Uncle Lou’s)

June 22: Velaceras (Will’s)

June 23: Garbo’s Daughter Tour Send-Off Show with Woolly Bushmen & The Lifeforms (Wally’s)

June 24: Ambertone, Stockholm, Avery, Orange Ave (Hard Rock Live)

June 24: Milk Carton Superstars (Dandelion)

June 24 & 25: Central Florida Music Festival (Lakeland)

June 29: Attached Hands, Soft Opening, Southern Nights, Alien House (Will’s)

July 1: Going Away to College, Circus (Back Booth)

July 5: Jimmy Gnecco (Plaza)

July 8: American Aquarium, Mike Dunn & the Kings of New England (Will’s)

July 9: Meka Nism, The Kidney Stones, Autumn Empire & Michele Lane (Peacock)

July 9: Matt Butcher CD release (Plaza)

July 9: Don Zientara, Marc Ganancias, Signals from Satellites (Substance)

July 15: Hear Hums, Quiet Hooves, Dark Sea of Awareness, Acoqui (Stardust)

July 15: Young Empires (Back Booth)

July 17: Sunshine State of Mind (Downtown -)

July 23: Stephen Marley, Ghetto Youths Crew (Beacham)

July 26: Redlight King (Plaza)

July 27: Andrew Shepard & Roadkill Ghost Choir (Will’s)

July 30: Antiwarpt Festival (St. Petersburg)

Aug. 6: Cracker Swamp Stomp (Will’s & Wally’s)

Aug. 6: Michelle Branch, Parachute (Plaza)

Aug. 20: The Dear Hunter, Wild Orchid Children, O’ Brother (Social)

Aug. 31: Tim Kasher (Social)

Sept. 6: Tapes n Tapes (Social)

Sept. 20: Electric Six, Kittens (Social)

Sept. 20: Cults (added to Foster the People bill @ Beacham)

Sept. 22: Young the Giant (Social)

Oct. 4: Marc Broussard (Plaza)

Oct. 8: Friendly Fires (Social)

Oct. 8: The Script (Hard Rock Live)


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