NEW MUSIC: The Woolly Bushmen – "Mongrel"

The Woolly Bushmen have a name that makes them sound like a band that would play at the Riverdale Malt Shop or at some third-row oyster bar in Myrtle Beach. Yet, even though these guys are well-versed in Archie-comics-rock ‘n’ roll and the shag and soul that makes gin-blossomed golfers dance along the Carolina coast, they’ve got a much more gnarly approach to their rootsy sound. Amazingly, though, they don’t go for the red-lined, punk approach that many garage aficionados take, and instead apply an unhinged and joyful attack to their surf/pop/proto-rock tunes. They just put up “Mongrel” on their Soundcloud page; you should definitely check it out.


3 responses to “NEW MUSIC: The Woolly Bushmen – "Mongrel"

  1. Woolly Bushmen Rock!

  2. rockin mimi L

    wow you’ve got the stuff


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