NEW VIDEO: Janani – "Hey! Mister!"

I should like this a lot more than I do. I mean, the whole slow-burn, indie-folk-crossed-with-sitars-and-tablas thing seems almost custom-made for me. But there’s something – the use of a six-string bass, maybe? – about what these guys are doing that’s keeping me from getting totally onboard with Janani‘s music.

Still, despite the fact that they’re relatively new on the scene, Janani seems to have hit on a sound  that’s resonating with quite a few people (they’re consistently charting on the ReverbNation charts for Orlando); maybe with some time they can develop what they’re doing into something that’s as interesting as the sounds in their heads. After all, Janani herself is only 16 … she’s got plenty of time to grow this project into something truly impressive.


One response to “NEW VIDEO: Janani – "Hey! Mister!"

  1. I’ve been following the growth of Janani for about a year. For 16, she is finding her style. She started with acoustics, and in this latest piece it seems she is adding instruments from her heritage. Her father is from India, and these are sounds she grew up with. I will be interested to see what else she tries as she grows as a musician.

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