This week's charts from WPRK [April 29 – May 5]

From WPRK’s website, here’s a rundown of this week’s most-played local (and regional) artists for the last week.

  1. The Pauses
  2. Kaleigh Baker
  3. Maruta
  4. Maygen Navarro
  5. Strikeforce Diablo (Gainesville)
  6. Yip-Yip
  7. Fat Ross

And, here’s their Top 10 “overall” chart for the past week:

  1. Smoking Popes
  2. The Smiths
  3. Steve Poltz
  4. The Rugburns
  5. Patsy Cline
  6. Beck
  7. Shannon and the Clams
  8. The Mountain Goats
  9. Wilco
  10. The Raveonettes

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