Two weeks until Mills Stock 2011

If you know me, you know the phrase “Mills Avenue is heaven” is about as close to a personal motto as I’ve got. Sure, there are bars and venues and restaurants and all that cool stuff, but the sheer natural growth of the area over the years has meant that the vibe is quirky, diverse, a little gritty, a little artsy, and 100% Orlando. Besides the 7-11 and the Circle K, the Papa John’s and the storage place, I’m pretty sure every business on Mills between Colonial and Virginia is a local one. Plus, it’s surrounded by neighborhoods where actual human beings live, which means that – as opposed to the tidal flow of downtown – things along Mills move at a much more natural pace, responding to the needs and whims of those that live, work, and shop there, instead of the plans and predictions of city government and deep-pocketed developers. Also: HAWKERS.

Anyway, Mills Stock 2011 is a three-day festival going down in two weekends (May 13-15). $15 gets you a weekend pass into venues like Will’s, Uncle Lou’s, Peacock, and Wally’s, and in addition to bands, there will also be artists, writers, and other local creative folks displaying their wares. It’s an undertaking that is simultaneously ambitious and organic.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the bands that are playing throughout the weekend:

  • Telethon
  • Lazy Boyzzz
  • Rickey Dickens
  • The Actomatics
  • FunkUs
  • Sarah Purser
  • Michel’e Lane
  • Bob on Blonde
  • Potsie
  • Unit Shifters
  • Hot Mouth
  • Love Destruction
  • Crater Tater
  • Room Full of Strangers

Also, Southern Fried Sunday –  feature Bright Light Social Hour, Hymn for Her, Matt Woods, and Chopper Stepe
goes down on the 15th and is part of Mill Stock.


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