New Orlando concert listings [The Love Language, Tom Rush, Pete Rock]

Stuart McLamb's bedroom-project-turned-real band The Love Language plays Will's on May 18.

New stuff that’s been added in the last week. If I missed some new concert listings, please let me know: And for all the other concerts that have been listed recently, please check out the Upcoming Concerts page.

  • May 5: Pacifico, Sweetkisses, Maximino (Will’s)
  • May 6: Matt Butcher & the Revolvers, Austin Miller, Goodrich & the Die Tryin’s (Back Booth)
  • May 7: The New Lows, Potsie, Nillson Mandela (Peacock Room)
  • May 7: The Mud Flappers, the Bloody Jug Band (Copper Rocket)
  • May 11: Bob on Blonde, the Moon is a Disco Ball, Disasteroids, Super Ultra Sounds (57 West)
  • May 14: Pete Rock (Social)
  • May 16: Mac Miller (moved to Beacham)
  • May 18: The Love Language (Will’s)
  • May 21: Andy Matchett & the Minks, Circus, Britt Daley, Soul Birds (Social)
  • May 21: Bughead vs. Gargamel (Will’s)
  • May 26: Polkadot Cadaver, Gargamel (Haven)
  • June 11: Michael Ray, Jeff Hurst, Bubba Wilson (House of Blues)
  • June 16: Borgore (Beacham)
  • June 18: Infected Mushroom (House of Blues)
  • June 24: Einstein, Lost in Eden, Kapsula, the Green Jester, Gemeni, the Other Face (Natura)
  • June 29: Millionaires (Social)
  • July 16: Natasha Bedingfield (House of Blues)
  • Aug. 7: Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto (House of Blues)
  • Nov. 11: David Crowder Band (House of Blues)
  • Jan. 26, 2012: Tom Rush (Plaza)

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