Yip Yip (photo by Jenna Michele)

Every week at Orlando Music News, the site highlights a local band. A good local band. This week, the show-stopping electronica of Yip-Yip.

Yip-Yip celebrates 10 years of existence with an anniversary show at Will’s Pub this Friday, April 29. Also on the bill: Attached Hands, Dark Sea of Awareness, Telethon, and Surfin’ Serf. 

Just the facts:

When formed:

March 31, 2001

Band members’ names & instruments:

  • Jason Temple: Synth, Sax, Vocals
  • Brian Esser: Vocals, Synth

Currently available releases:

Pro-Twelve Thinker (CD/LP) 2005
In The Reptile House (CD/LP) 2006
Two Kings Of The Same Kingdom (CD/LP) 2008
Bone Up (Digital/CD) 2011



Describe your sound:

Remember the last scene from Revenge Of The Nerds? Yeah…

Any big news to share?

We’ve been a band for 10 years! Our new album “Bone Up” is coming out soon!

Five Questions:

1) What has been your most memorable show so far?

That one show where there was the bloody guy with a machete.

2) Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?

Attached Hands

3) Which national band would you most like to share a bill with?


4) What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?

“8-Bit”, because nothing we use is 8 bits.

5) What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What’s your least favorite?

We could maybe answer both with the same answer. It seems like the Orlando music scene will go from very exciting, busy, and fun, then crash into nothingness all of a sudden. Right now it’s picking up again, so we’re excited to start playing live shows again with our friends.


One response to “BAND OF THE WEEK: Yip-Yip

  1. I love you, Yip-Yip. Congratulations on this awesome achievement. Also, thank you for the 3lb gummi-worm; it is proudly displayed on my fireplace mantle.

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