20+ years of Orlando rock 'n' roll photography, through the lens of Jim Leatherman

So, back in March, local photographer Jim Leatherman began casually uploading to Facebook some of the shots he’s taken around the Orlando music scene over the years. These photos are, in a word, amazing. Not just for the time-machine factor, but because Leatherman is a pretty great photographer. Still, it’s also remarkable to note not just how much things have changed in Orlando over the last few decades, but also how much as remained the same.

There are so many familiar faces in these shots – and not just the guys like a pre-Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas – because so many of these folks are still working hard to contribute to this city’s music scene. Also worth nothing: the high caliber of the touring acts that have played in our humble burg throughout the years. Yeah, Pearl Jam at the Edge … Mudhoney at Beach Club … but was there seriously a festival in town that featured the Poster Children and Volcano Suns on the same bill? Damn. Orlando’s had it going on for a while, I guess.

Jim kindly gave me permission to repost some of the photos here, because I think they’re definitely worth sharing. I hope you’ll agree.  And, if you’ve got some archival shots of Orlando’s music scene you’d like to share on this site, please just let me know. I’d love to post them.

Archers of Loaf - The Edge (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Blue Eyes, Crowbar, 1998 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Denature (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Kevn Kinney, Go Lounge, March 31, 1994 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Michael Bradley (Alabaster) at the Beach Club (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Michael McRaney (Braille Closet, 1988) (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Beach Club, 1992 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Patrick Scott Barnes, Will's Pub, 1999 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Pearl Jam @ the Edge, April 24, 1992 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Slow (final show, March 3, 1994, Fern Park Station) (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Stereolab in-store @ Park Ave CDs, May 26, 2000 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Superchunk outside of Park Ave CDs, Nov. 19, 1999 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Swamburger (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Tabitha's Secret on Park Avenue in Winter Park, 1994 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Two Far Gone, 1986 (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Uncle Tupelo, Sapphire Supper Club (photo by Jim Leatherman)

Wellville, 1998 (photo by Jim Leatherman)


8 responses to “20+ years of Orlando rock 'n' roll photography, through the lens of Jim Leatherman

  1. Cool pics. (Patrick Scott Barnes.)

  2. damn archers ruled so hard then. my band opened
    at this show,iv never felt so blissfully irrelevant. sidenote
    both wayne coyne and jeff buckley were at this show as
    the lips and buckley were playing gigs here that night. amazing

  3. the uncle tupelo shot is incredible. but why does
    jay farrar always looks so pissed off? maybe its tweedys
    sweet grunge bob hairdo.

  4. michael mcraney ponders the question
    “how does one garden at night?”

  5. denature, my favorite local band at that time.
    “what does love have to husker du with it”
    -mike brown

  6. i missed the superchunk instore
    but was at their show at the station
    that night w th faith healers.
    i love that mac is buying music.
    i true band of music fans

  7. did tabithas secret actually copulate and
    give birth to axis magazine?
    thats a big-10 4 good buddy

  8. i read the date wrong on the superchunk picture.
    1999 would have put them at sapphire w
    trail of dead and eric bachman opening. my bad

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