REMINDER: 4/20 show at Back Booth

You know how, for St. Patrick’s Day, I helped put on that Thin Lizzy tribute show at Will’s? You know why I did that? Because St. Patrick’s Day ssssuuuuuuuuuuucks. And we all know why. The show was my attempt to make an unofficial get-blind-wasted holiday a little more bearable and actual-fun, rather than pretend-fun.

Well, tomorrow is April 20. 4/20. 4:20. A calendar-marking that’s fast becoming as dumbly bacchanalian as March 17. Except instead of appealing to green-beer drinkers, it appeals to young and stupid hippies, folks who wear rope bracelets unironically, dudebros who think vegetarian chicks “taste good,” and people who love terrible, instantly overplayed pop-culture references. Basically, it’s a chance for assholes to get baked and pretend for one day that they’re as laid-back and awesome as people who get baked every day. I hate all these people. And I hate 4/20.

Thankfully, it appears that someone over at Back Booth hates it too … hates it enough, in fact, to put on an awesome 4/20 show that doesn’t have anything to do with worn-out Jerry references and has everything to do with some awesome modern (and mostly local!) psychedelia. Hosted by Peter Baldwin, and featuring sets by A.T.T.I.C., Loud Valley, Surfin’ Serf and So. GA/No. FLA psych-merchants Jane Jane Pollock, it’s FREE, and I’m pretty positive there won’t be a drum circle.


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