Playing this week in Orlando [everything from Blank Dogs and Whores to Tom Jones and Kesha]

Here’s this week’s rundown of notable national acts that are coming through Orlando this week.


  • Blank Dogs, the Jameses, Fever (Will’s) I am so totally not into Blank Dogs … some of the most boring and unintentionally hilarious records I’ve ever listened to in my life. But the live show is supposedly something of a monster.
  • Sander Kleinenberg (Senso)


  • Chicago (Hard Rock Live)


  • Wiz Khalifa (UCF Arena) Oh, hahahaha. 4/20. Wiz Khalifa at UCF. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Dave Hause (Loved Ones), Mikey Erg (Ergs), Ian Graham (Cheap Girls) (Will’s) Can you imagine how awesome this show would be if it was all these dudes’ regular bands? Well, it’ll still be pretty awesome.
  • White Fang, Telethon, Alias Punch, Tam Tam (Stardust)


Tortured Soul., Sleazy McQueen (Social)


  • Leo Kottke (Plaza)
  • Protest the Hero, Maylene & Sons of Disaster (Social)

  • Kesha (House of Blues) The first of two nights


  • You Are Doomed Fest: Whores, Hooded Eagle, Junior Bruce, Shroud Eater, Six Dead Horses, Thunderer (Will’s)
  • Tom Jones (Hard Rock Live)
  • Spring Jambando, w/Railroad Earth, Danger Muffin (Plaza)


Boats, Saucy Yoda, Ghost Aviary, Wet Nurse, Caramellow Fudge (Will’s)


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