NEW VIDEO: Andrew Shepard – "The Sun Goes Down" (The Racquetball Sessions) and other amazing-ness from 'Off the Avenue'

OK, major late pass on this, but thanks to Chandler Strang from An Introduction to Sunshine, I just found out the other night about this incredible video series done by fellow Intro to Sunshine-er Dave Plakon and the other folks at North Avenue Studios. It’s called Off the Avenue, and it features musicians local and otherwise performing their tunes in locations both typical and atypical.

This clip – by Deland acoustic musician Andrew Shepard (who’s opening for OMN’s Band of the Week, the Lonesome City Travelers, at their CD release show on Tuesday) – definitely falls into the latter category: It was shot in a racquetball court. And, amazingly, it looks as gorgeous as it sounds.

And that’s not all. Like I said: Major late pass on this one. A slew of other folks like Kaleigh Baker, Peter Baldwin, Andy Matchett, and, of course, An Introduction to Sunshine, have done these Off the Avenue sessions. Check some of them out:


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