So, that Bluebrain "location-aware album" everyone's talking about? Waxfang designed it.

You may have read on Engadget, Fast Company, Billboard, or a bunch of other places about Bluebrain‘s new album, The National Mall, and how it’s the world’s first “location-aware” album. You may have thought, “That’s pretty awesome.”

But what you may not have thought of is this: The visuals were done by Adam Smith, a.k.a. Waxfang, a.k.a. The Guy Who Designed Almost All of Your Favorite Orlando Gig Posters. Smith is living in Portland now, but he worked with Bluebrain and Lujo Records (more Florida connections!) to craft the very D.C.-centric set.

And that, my friends, it pretty awesome indeed. Great work, Adam, and congratulations on busting open the whole “living in the future” thing for the rest of us who are stuck making WordPress blogs and figuring out our Twitter machines.


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