New Orlando concert listings [Broken Water, Anamanaguchi, John Waite, Boats]

Not a whole lot this week. Don’t forget to Submit Your Show Info, so it can get posted!


April 9: Actomatics (Orlando Brewing)

April 10: Broken Water, Diet Cokeheads (Vinyl Richie’s)

April 14: The Other Face, the Velaceras, Anew, Broken Trust (Haven)

April 15: Druid Lord, Still Life, 5 Billion Dead, Gollem (Haven)

April 16: Blap Radio 1 Year Anniversary Party and Benefit For Japan (Social)

April 17: Southern Fried Sunday: Hindu Cowboys, Six Time Losers, Bloody Jug Band (Will’s)

April 23: For the Wolves, Last Minute Stars, The Ludes, The Deepest Red (Haven)

April 24: Boats, Saucy Yoda, Ghost Aviary, Wet Nurse, Caramellow Fudge (Will’s)

April 25: Anamanaguchi, Random Encounter (Back Booth)

April 27: Brooke Fraser, Cary Brothers (Social)

April 28: Ares, Nation Against the Oppressor, Athenian Trevesty, Armageddon III (Haven)

April 29: Mike Herrera, Louis DeFabrizio (McRaney’s)

April 30: 5 Billion Dead, Rise of Defiance, Hydrosonic, New Day Sorrow (Haven)

May 4: Mr. Pussy, Slippery Slopes (Will’s)

June 5: John Waite (Plaza)



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