NEW VIDEO: "Export to Egypt – X:144 and the Egyptian Revolution"

Maybe you heard about X:144‘s struggle to get home to Orlando after being in Egypt during the revolution. Well, he’s back. And the erstwhile turntablist put his recently blossoming filmmaking chops to good use in the making of Export to Egypt, an on-the-street look at what happened leading up to and during the overthrow of the Mubarak government. (I say “blossoming” not to imply that his facility with a camera is surprising or a passing interest; it’s just that it sucks for us mere mortals that we’re lucky if we get to be really good at just one thing. This guy was a champion at one thing, and then figured out he was pretty great at a nearly completely different thing!)

It’s not a music video. But you need to watch all 13:55 of it.



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