BAND OF THE WEEK: Garbo's Daughter

Garbo's Daughter (photo by Katie O'Dare)

Every week at Orlando Music News, the site will highlight a local band. A good local band. This week: Garbo’s Daughter.

This city’s music scene has its fair share of bands that are too cool for school. Garbo’s Daughter is not one of those bands. Oh, to be sure, this trio deserves its fair share of accolades and attention; they are, indeed, pretty damn cool. However, unlike so many other bands that take the stage under the assumption that they shouldn’t enjoy what they do while there, Garbo’s Daughter has one hell of a good time while they’re bashing out their hyper-infectious pop. Informed – but not really influenced – by power-pop melodies and ’60s garage-band simplicity, the sound of Garbo’s Daughter is straightforward, wrapping super-catchy hooks into tunes that are as driving and compact as they are effective.

Garbo’s Daughter plays Will’s Pub on Thursday, March 31, with Bare Wires and Sexcapades. The “Spin & Melt” 7-inch is out this week.

Just the facts:

When formed: The band began in 2007, and the three of us have been playing together since April of last year.

Band members’ names & instruments:

  • Mandy Mullins (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Zac Jaggers (bass, vocals)
  • Rich Evans (drums, vocals)

Currently available releases:

  • “Garbo’s Daughter Goes Pop!” cassette EP (Burger Records, 2009) (sold out)
  • V/A – Floridas Dying Party Platter (song: “Nice Girls Don’t Explode”) (Floridas Dying, 2010)
  • “Spin & Melt” 3-song 7-inch (Surfin’Ki Records, out at the end of this month)

Website: Bandcamp, Facebook, Myspace.

Upcoming shows:

March 31 at Will’s Pub with Bare Wires (CA) and Sexcapades

Describe your sound:

Prom night punk

Any big news to share?

We have a 3-song 7” called “Spin & Melt” coming out at the end of this month! It is being released by Surfin’Ki Records – a label out of Pisa, Italy. We are touring the West Coast this summer with Burger Records and the legendary Paul Collins (of The Beat and The Nerves fame). We’ll also be recording a cassette EP for Burger Records especially for this tour.

Five Questions:

1) What has been your most memorable show so far?

Last July, we joined the Burger Records Caravan of Stars summer tour for their Gainesville and Athens dates. We had a total blast meeting awesome new friends, making lots of rock & roll memories,  and playing with amazing bands, including Burger labelmates Apache, Cumstain, and Cosmonauts. It was major summertime fun! And this past November, we played at Uncle Lou’s with Shannon & the Clams when they came through town on tour. They were totally amazing and it was such a fun show! Everyone was singing along to all of the words to our songs, even the songs we had only played once or twice! It was an amazing feeling.

2) Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?


3) Which national band would you most like to share a bill with?

Paul Collins! Dreams DO come true, you guys!

4) What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?

We really don’t have that problem, to be honest. People who hear our songs or see us play seem to really get where we’re coming from. We just want everyone to dance and have fun and sing along.

5) What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What’s your least favorite?

Favorite: Sharing the stage with great local bands and fantastic touring bands.

Least favorite: That we aren’t everyone’s favorite band…yet.


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