ROAD TRIP: Shows that aren't coming to Orlando [Band of Horses, Toro y Moi, Noah and the Whale, more]

Club owners and show promoters here in Orlando are a hard-working and often unthanked bunch. Although they do a fine job getting national touring bands into our clubs and venues on a regular basis, they are often fighting against a prejudice that bands’ booking agents have about bringing bands into Florida. Although Orlando is a day-drive from Atlanta and New Orleans, and although one show in Orlando could “service” the entire state of Florida, all too often the people in charge of routing tours for bands feel that it’s not worth it to bring their artists here. To, you know, the fourth most populous state in the Union.

And that means that, sometimes, there are shows that we want to go to, but in order to see ’em, we’re gonna have to pile in the car, split some gas money, and hit the road. So, with that in mind, here’s a semi-regular feature running down the tours that aren’t coming here. SHOTGUN!

  • Band of Horses (April 3, Tallahassee; April 4, Savannah)
  • Bringing It Back for the Kids Fest – w/Terror, Evergreen Terrace, Shai Hulud (May 13 & 14, Ft. Lauderdale)
  • Clutch (May 24, St. Pete; May 25, Ft. Lauderdale; May 26, Jacksonville)
  • Goo Goo Dolls (August 6, Tropicana Field – St. Pete)
  • Noah and the Whale (June 15, Atlanta)
  • Panic At The Disco (May 29, Pompano Beach)
  • A Perfect Circle (July 20, Atlanta)
  • Prussia, Child Bite (April 9, Atlanta)
  • Toro Y Moi (April 16, Columbia, SC)

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