Rahat Fateh Ali Khan show preview

It may seem odd that legendary Qawwali singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is playing the Silver Spurs Arena out in Kissimmee – you know, where the rodeo is – but what’s odder is that this will be his second time performing there. There’s little reason to believe that this will be a show to pull out the spurs and chaps for, and those expecting a night of intense, devotional Sufi music, or Qawwali, are likely to be disappointed, too. Although he established himself as a traditional singer years ago, Khan has, for the last half-decade or so, made his fame by being the Voice That Gives You Butterflies on Bollywood soundtracks. It’s in Qawwali style, but it’s definitely not strict; and it’s made him quite the celebrity. Expect at least a bit of post-Slumdog Millionaire, A.R. Rahman-style flash at this show, and not just a guy on a rug with a microphone.

First appeared March 24, 2011 in Orlando Weekly.


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