Playing this week: The Cave Singers

You know that Cave Singers guitarist Derek Fudesco used to be in Pretty Girls Make Graves and the Murder City Devils. You also know that Cave Singers sounds exactly like neither of those bands. Why? Because the Cave Singers’ secret weapon is vocalist Pete Quirk, a man possessed of the raw and expansive sort of voice that demands your attention far more intently than any off-the-rails garage squall. The Cave Singers harness rootsy influences and gothic drama into something that’s emotionally wrenching but never melodramatic. Even better, the band never attempts to pretend like they’re the first hipsters to discover Americana; instead, they invert the dark and sordid sounds of country and blues into their own sort of spooky rock ‘n’ roll.

The Cave Singers play Will’s Pub on Thursday, March 24 with Lia Ices.


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