Help Hear Hums Hit the Highway

Gainesville’s Hear Hums are fairly beloved around these parts, and for good reason: The duo makes electro-psychedelic music that is as challenging as it is enjoyable to partake in. They don’t abandon the visceral for the ephemeral, but they don’t sacrifice their vision for the sake of the audience either. On record, these two craft an astounding headphone experience:

Yet, amazingly, they are even more impressive live.

To that end, Hear Hums is embarking upon an East Coast tour, and they need your help. They’ve started up a Kickstarter with an incredibly modest goal (just $300). In just one day, they’ve gotten almost 25% of what they need to get the tour going, but as anyone who’s ever been on tour knows, more money is always better. They’ve already got the dates booked – including a house show in Charleston, SC with the incredible Coma Cinema … seriously, I’m considering driving 6 hours to see this happen – so they are not messing around. These guys deserve your love and your money. DO IT.


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