Download a new sampler from Lujo Records

Florida-loving label Lujo Records – which has been located in Louisiana, D.C., and California … but not Florida! – is justifiably proud of their upcoming slate of 2011 releases, including music by Central Florida’s own MRENC, and they’ve put together a pretty nice sampler of their indie-rock wares. Dig it:


1. Bluebrain – Restriction – From forthcoming ep “TBA”

2. John LaMonica – Sink or Swim – From forthcoming album “TBA”

3. A Lull – Weapons For War – From forthcoming debut album “Confetti”

4. Yourself and The Air – Trampolines – from forthcoming ep “Who’s Who In The Zoo”

5. Enlou – Amphibian – From ep “Body of Water”

6. Firs – My Body Stops – From forthcoming album “TBA”

7. The Torches – Mr. Vampire – from self titled 7″/ep

8. Baby Teeth – Happy Secretary’s Day – From FREE ep “Boss”

9. Death House Chaplain – Cool Cold Run – From forthcoming album “Isolation Atlas”

10. Discover America – When You Were Young – From album “Future Paths”

11. Hays Holladay – Push – From forthcoming debut album “Revel and Bask”

12. MRENC – Dying Over You – From forthcoming debut album “TBA”

13. Pomegranates – Morocco Girl – From forthcoming 7″/ep “TBA”

Download the sampler for free at this link.


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