Frankasaurus Fest is a whole lotta whole lotta

The Frankasaurus Fest goes down March 11-13th at two venues (the Cameo on the 11th and 13th, Dungeon Lounge on the 12th). DJ Frankasaurus Fresh had his DJ gear stolen while he was in Pensacola, so these shows are gonna help him get the scratch he needs to replace it.

Astronautalis, A.T.T.I.C., Sumsun, Sims, Oh Fortuna, Slumberjack, Abuse, and lots lots more.

MARCH 11TH -Frankasaurus meets Indian

@The Cameo

Starts at 1pm

  • Hot Glue
  • Mandy Sloan
  • Stellar Dexterz
  • S.K.I.P.
  • D.P.
  • Sims
  • Rooks
  • JSHIH and Soul inSanity
  • Phoenix Jagger
  • Teen Wolf
  • Astronautalis!
  • Ian West
  • Reefa Madness
  • Frankasaurus Fresh

MARCH 12TH – Frankasaurus meets {SWITCH} Saturdays

@ Dungeon Lounge

Starts at 4 p.m.

  • Case Windu
  • Casey Hopkins Group
  • Docc Sampson
  • Slumberjack
  • A.T.T.I.C
  • The Company Man
  • Audio Monsters (DJ set)
  • Michael Parallax
  • JeRK (DJ set)
  • Oh Fortuna
  • JeRK
  • Sumsun
  • JeRK
  • Eyes Lips Eyes
  • Frankasaurus Fresh

March 13th – Frankasaurus meets Indian

@The Cameo

Starts at noon.

  • Family of Man
  • Great Awakening
  • Abuse
  • Kid Taco and the Macho Nachos
  • Black Water Space Kadetz
  • She the Slut
  • Sumsun
  • DJ Spectro
  • DJ 99
  • Grateful Funk
  • Nomad Collectiv
  • Aric Wilde
  • TCK
  • Dj LeftOver

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