Grab a free comp from So. Fla label Livid Records

A little out of our jurisdiction, but worth grabbing (for free!). The folks down at Livid Records in Boca have put together a fine, 25-track compilation of bands on their roster, and it’s a doozy. In addition to Orlando faves like Miami’s Lil Daggers and Furious Dudes, there are notable bands from all over Florida and the WORLD. Mixtape Vol. 1 is available for free at Livid’s Bandcamp page; check it out:

Bands on the comp include:

  • The Crumbs (Miami)
  • Jon Cougar Concentration Camp (San Diego)
  • Pine Tarts (Canada)
  • Lil Daggers (Miami)
  • Geoff Useless (Portsmouth)
  • End of Power (San Diego)
  • Furious Dudes (Miami)
  • Pool Party (Iceland)
  • The Getback (Miami)
  • The Illustrated (Sarasota)
  • Daze (Switzerland)
  • Bulletproof Tiger (Miami)
  • Zero Cool (Canada)
  • Glocca Morra (Philadelphia)
  • Space Station 5 (Miami)
  • The Shrubs (Miami)

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