Jacuzzi Boys sign to Hardly Art

Well, this is pretty awesome news. Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys – who released their monstrous debut LP via Orlando’s own Floridas Dying label – have just signed on the dotted line with Sub Pop-sublabel Hardly Art Records, home to Woven Bones, the Dutchess & the Duke, La Sera, Le Loup, and those wonderful Carissas Wierd reissues from last year. You know all those times Rich Evans told you to pay attention? He meant it.

Take it away, press release:

In a smart move by both parties, Hardly Art and Jacuzzi Boys have joined forces at long last! The band will head into Key Club Studios next week to record their debut Hardly Art LP, which will be released later this year. Based on the jambox demos that we’ve heard, it will aspire to be just as mind-meltingly magical as their new promo photo (above). Stay tuned for details.

Born of the swamp and sun in early 2007, the music of the Jacuzzi Boys roosts like a bad vulture somewhere between the hazy shade of the coconut palm and the fevered neon of the Magic City. This is raucous pop of the murkiest order—jangling guitars, caveman drums, and songs of sex and seashells, dead animals and birthday cakes. Dragging behind in their dusty wake, the Jacuzzi Boys come bearing a string of 7″ singles that did nothing if not forecast the twelve-song tornado of their debut LP, No Seasons, released in 2009 by Florida’s Dying. The next full-length LP from the Jacuzzi Boys will be released on Hardly Art this fall. If 2010 was any indication, 2011 is the year the Jacuzzi Boys come busting out of the tropics, naked as the gator and twice as toothy.


One response to “Jacuzzi Boys sign to Hardly Art

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Couldn’t be any prouder of my boys. They have much more huge news on the horizon. So much great stuff going on in Florida right now. I’ve got a slew of Florida releases lined up for this year.

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