Playing this week: Davila 666

I’ve long praised the greatness of San Juan, PR’s Davila 666. The band’s happily tornadic take on garage rock manages to be both life-affirming and cathartic, and their live shows are just … amazing. Anyway, despite being a longtime champion, I still feel like a latecomer to D666 – their recently released Tan Bajo is only their second full-length album, but the band has been kicking around since 2005, releasing a shitload of singles and EPs along the way. Thus, it’s somewhat surprising to me when people don’t know about the band. Well, after this week, there’s just no excuse. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll mixed with equal parts menace and joy, then you need to see this band in person at least once.

Also, you should check out this ridiculously to-the-point interview with ReMezcla Musica, and then ask the guys to play a Plan B song. I’m sure they’d just fucking love that.

Davila 666 play Thursday, March 3 at Will’s Pub, with Slippery Slopes, Rose Cross, and Lazy Boyzzz.


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