New Granada's SXSW showcase featured on the front page of the festival's site

Well, well, well. It looks like Tampa’s New Granada Records is gonna be doing pretty well for themselves out in Austin in a couple of weeks. The label’s official South By Southwest showcase – a Florida extravaganza featuring the Pauses (Orlando), Sunbears! (Jacksonville), Sleepy Vikings (Tampa), King of Spain (Tampa), New Roman Times (ex-Orlando, now-Austin), and, uh, Venice Is Sinking (Athens) – is the front-page feature on the SXSW site today. Justifiably, the writeup talks about how great the label and the bands are. Bearing witness, this 12-track free sampler:

But what the SXSW folks don’t tell you – because they haaaaaaaaaaate day parties – is that New Granada is also putting on one hell of a day party. It’s going down on the same day (and at the same venue) as their official showcase, and it’s gonna be a humdinger, with Joan of Arc (!!), Versus (!!!!), Sarah Jaffe, Stag, Denison Witmer, and Dignan. Holy crap, you guys. Way to roll hard. Now, the Pauses can say that Joan of Arc opened for them.


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