New video and Kickstarter project from Tam Tam

First, before we get to the begging part, have a look at “Snails Pace,” the psyche-lovely new video from Tam Tam the Sandwichman and the Magical Sugar Cookies.

Now, to the begging.  You may remember this blog mentioning the ambitious tour that Tam Tam was gonna be undertaking, like, now. (Including some SXSW dates.) Well, touring costs money, and gas prices … oy, that Ghadaffi character and his shenanigans! Anyway, Tam Tam isn’t foolish, and they know that the shows they’ll be doing aren’t gonna earn them a lot of money. They also probably know that like-minded bands that have attempted such skin-of-the-teeth cross-country tours often ended up being dangerously close to stranded. (Or, in the case of Telethon, actually stranded.)

So, Tam Tam wants to have a little scratch in their pocket, at least enough to make sure they can get home if everything goes sideways. The band has set up a Kickstarter with a goal of $1000, with some very nice “thank-you”s at every level of donation ($5 gets you a 7-inch and a sticker, $500 gets you one of bassist Todd Gerding’s Hawaiian shirts and some other stuff). The Kickstarter ends March 11, so go donate now.

I’m sure the band will also be accepting cold, hard cash at their show tonight opening for Turbo Fruits.


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