A sandwich + a beer = Free Oh Sees

You gotta love it when a deal gets offered that hooks you up with something you were gonna do anyway. You know how, sometimes, you check your email in the morning and there’s a Groupon for your favorite restaurant? This is just like that!

The marketing geniuses over at Norse Korea have Thee Oh Sees booked to play Will’s Pub on March 2. My guess is, this show is gonna do just fine. After all, this is what you’d be getting:

But just to make sure you’re there for the show, Norse Korea has, according to a tweet from around midnight last night (that I hope they don’t wake up to regret), “teamed up with Sandwich Bar in the Milk District! Grab lunch and a beer from Sandwich Bar and get guestlisted for Thee Oh Sees!”

Now, if this was something lame like:


You’d justifiably be, like, “Whatever.”

But the newly opened Sandwich Bar does it more like:


So, in other words, YOU WERE DOING THIS ANYWAY.


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