Saskatchewan lands on two mixtapes

Chandler Strang and Michael Serrin from An Introduction to Sunshine have a nice little side project called Saskatchewan, and a couple of tracks the band (which also includes Gerry Layug, Josh Orellano, and Samuel Semchuck) did showed up recently on bloggers’ mixtapes. 

yvynyl compiled a 23-track set, Ghost Boat, that finds Saskatchewan’s “Beast Coast” (sic) in the excellent company of tracks by the ultra-awesome Thank You, Fierce Creatures, Summer Fiction, and others. You can download the whole mix at this link.

Unholy Rhythms‘ Valentine’s Day mix has a handful of covers (Saskatchewan closes the set out with “The Way You Look Tonight”) and a bunch of exclusive originals by the likes of Moths, Guerre, Under Alien Skies, and 16 other artists. Sure, Valentine’s Day is over, but love is eternal, man. Download the whole set at this link.

In other Saskatchewan “news,” Chandler Strang bought a new keyboard. And he’s sorta showing it off in this YouTube “demo” clip:


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