New concert announcements [Lil Wayne, Amon Amarth, Sleepy Vikings CD release, Take Action Tour, Tombs]

Don’t forget to check out the (almost, sorta, semi-) complete rundown of concerts listed over at the Upcoming Concerts page.

Quick note: the March 4th KOW! show at Will’s has been cancelled. But hey, look on the bright side: all these new shows have been added:

Feb. 17: “Local Acoustic Heroes” w/Jim O’Rourke, John Contos, Nathan Becker, Rickey Dickens (Peacock)

  • Feb. 17: Garbo’s Daughter, Steamin’ Manholes, Tam Tam (Central Station Bar)
  • Feb. 19: Alias Punch, Franchise, Thee Wilt Chamberlains (Peacock)
  • Feb. 19: SUNBEARS! (Switch Saturdays @ Dungeon)
  • Feb. 19: Underdog Trio EP release show (Taste)
  • Feb. 23: Innyu, DJ Pranksta, Yoti, Vox Humana (Blackjack @ Peacock)

Feb. 25: Pop Glow, Not Them!, Peter Baldwin, Introduction to Sunshine, Teen Wolf (debut of INDIAN @ Cameo)

  • Feb. 26: Rickey Dickens & the Revival (Taste)
  • March 9: DC Wilson, Lonesome City Travelers (Will’s)
  • March 9: Middle Class Rut (Back Booth)
  • March 26: Tombs (Will’s)
  • March 29: Richard Buckner (added to Sebadoh bill @ the Social)
  • April 6: Lil Wayne (Amway)
  • April 29: Take Action Tour w/Silverstein, Bayside, Polar Bear Club, the Swellers (Firestone)
  • April 29: CLRH2O (Peacock)

April 30: Amon Amarth (Social)

  • April 30: Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, the Equines (Will’s)
  • May 6: Sleepy Vikings CD release show, with the Pauses (Will’s)
  • May 7: Holopaw, Company (Will’s)
  • May 9: Royal Bangs (Will’s)
  • June 30: Florence + the Machine (Hard Rock Live)

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