(Not-So) New Music: Crater Tater

Good lord, I hate this band’s name. Like, deeply and passionately. But it’s actually pretty effective; a name this awful provides a lot of latitude when listening to them. After all, any sound that comes from your speakers that isn’t that of a choleric emphysema sufferer spewing diarrhea and phlegm simultaneously is automatically “better than I thought it would be with a name like that.”

Thankfully, Crater Tater actually rises above that admittedly very low bar, with a crunchy/freaky sort of rock ‘n’ roll that’s got a punk rock heart and a bluesy, Beefheart-ian growl to it. They get a little loosey-goosey with the tempos here and there, but they definitely have the right kind of weirdo-adventurer spirit I love to hear in new bands.

The band (notice how infrequently I’m actually using their name?) released their debut full-length last October, but I just stumbled on it the other day, and wondered how it would compare to their still-developing live presence. Well, it compares quite favorably; in fact, I think that if you could just listen to Primera Musicka de Tater without having to say (or hear) the band’s name or look at that awful cover (really, guys, could you do yourselves at least one favor when it comes to presentation?), you may actually be sorta impressed. You can buy the CD at CDBaby, or listen to it below:


2 responses to “(Not-So) New Music: Crater Tater

  1. thank you, Mr. Ferguson, for taking the time to check the album out. ummm….re: the band name, say ‘CRATER TATER’ with a quasi-southern drawl/accent…that’s my suggestion.

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