This weekend in live music [Jimmy Eat World, That1Guy, DeLand Burning Man, Lazy Boyzzz, Daryl Hance, and more]


  • Jimmy Eat World, David Bazan [House of Blues]
  • Crisis In Hollywood, Skyline Underground [Back Booth]
  • Eugene Snowden & Liberation 44 [Little Fish Huge Pond]
  • Thomas Wynn, Beebs & Her Money Makers [Will’s Pub]
  • Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin I [Hard Rock Live]
  • The Rules [Tanqueray’s]
  • A.T.T.I.C., Steller Dexters [Cameo]
  • That1Guy [Social]
  • Hadley’s Hope [Orlando Brewing]

[Don’t forget, there’s a county-wide DUI dragnet going on tonight. Don’t be stupid.]


  • DeLand Burning Man Festival, w/Dish, Coyotes & Towndogs, more [somewhere near DeLand]
  • Lazy Boyzzz, Moral Decline, Disfunction, Dean Road Riot [Taste]
  • Jukebox the Ghost in-store [Park Ave]
  • Guster, Jukebox the Ghost [House of Blues]
  • Daryl Hance (of Mofro) CD release party [McRaney’s]
  • Le Sphinxx, The Magick Report, Southern Nights, Young Egypt, Broken Sword Repair Station Jelly [Uncle Lou’s]
  • Chopper Stepe, Hindu Cowboys, Rickey Dickens [Will’s]
  • Savi Fernandez Band [The Social]
  • Token Gamblers [Natura]
  • Mandy Sloan [Sleeping Moon]
  • Ambertone, Stained Angel [The Haven]
  • Tigerweather, Cure for Caska, Chris Rowland [Back Booth]


The fucking Super Bowl.


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