New concert announcements [Loud Valley album release, Cave Singers, Mad Professor, Class Actress, !!!, DaVinci relocations, and much more]

Lots of new (and sorta new) concert announcements to let you guys know about, but first, I just wanted to pass along some good news from Jessica Pawli, who’s been scrambling to re-book shows that have been displaced by the sudden closing of DaVinci in DeLand:

Instead of being held at DaVinci, the Paleface show will be held in DeLand at The Nest. The Hot Mouth/Potsie/Alias Punch [show will be at] SickBoy’s Bad Habit Lounge, a great new Daytona venue! The Zach Deputy/Beebs and Her Money Makers/Legacy show will be held at the awesome Bank & Blues in the heart of Daytona Beach!

So, if you had cancelled your plans to drive up to catch any of these shows, un-cancel ’em! But you may want to plug some new coordinates into your GPS. (Also, Hot Mouth at some place called Sick Boy’s Bad Habit Lounge? Perfect!)

Now, on to a whole bunch of concerts you may want to know about:

  • Feb. 15: Relaunch of Phat-N-Jazzy (Social)
  • Feb. 15: TS Quintet/Hot Club of Orlando (Plaza)
  • Feb. 16: Loud Valley album release (Back Booth)
  • Feb. 16: Bloody Jug Band, Token Gamblers, Six Time Losers (Hillbilly Humpday @ Will’s)
  • Feb. 19: Iration/Ballyhoo (Firestone)
  • March 8: The Luyas (added to Ra Ra Riot show @ Social)
  • March 10: Tim Reynolds & TR3 (Plaza)
  • March 13: Class Actress, Millionyoung (Back Booth)
  • March 19: Genitorturers (Firestone)
  • March 20: Whole Wheat Bread (added to MURS show @ Social)
  • March 24: Runner Runner (Back Booth)
  • March 25: !!! (Chk-Chk-Chk), Klaxons (Social)
  • March 26: Peter Murphy (Firestone)
  • March 31: House of Pain (Beacham)

  • March 31: Mad Professor (House of Pain afterparty @ the Social)
  • March 31: The Cave Singers (Will’s)
  • April 2: Classic Albums Live: Best of Woodstock (Hard Rock Live)
  • April 13: Forever the Sickest Kids (House of Blues)
  • April 17: Volbeat (House of Blues)
  • April 20: Dave Hause (Loved Ones), Mikey Erg (Ergs), Ian Graham (Cheap Girls) (Will’s)

  • May 4: One Night of Queen (Plaza)

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