S.K.I.P. to do a three-week residency in Austin, TX

Inspired, no doubt, by his cohorts in Solillaquists of Sound (who did a similar thing last year), S.K.I.P. is headed out west to put down some temporary stakes in Austin, TX. Wisely, though, his plan differs from S.O.S.’s in that S.K.I.P.’s deciding to forgo the whole South By Southwest rigamarole (Solillaquists’ run was capped with SXSW gigs), and just make himself a straight-up local for nearly a month (the month being May). He’s planning on spending a little time in Baton Rouge and Atlanta, as well.

I love this idea, and I think more bands should do it. It’s brave, but it’s also got the potential for an incredibly high return on investment, especially in a town like Austin. Hell, I also think more bands should do residencies in Orlando, but that’s a philosophical rant for another time. For now, congrats to S.K.I.P. for making the bold move.

This is the calling card he’s gonna be leaving:


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