DRIP at the Cameo shaping up to be one of 2011's most memorable music events

After many, many (many) years of writing about music, there are very few announcements that I come across that truly stop me in my tracks and force me to take a minute to process exactly what I’m reading about. The email I got just the other day from the Cameo Theater about an upcoming performance of DRIP was one of those few. And now that I’ve actually figured it out, it’s a pretty amazing thing.

DRIP is a local “arts and entertainment company … known for their highly visual and innovative performances in 15 ft wide coffee mounds, orange juice rainfalls, edible ink screen printing presses, raining paint and flying water.” The musical component of DRIP is provided by local musicians both known and not so much known: Rob Kurzreiter (Blue Man Group), Eric Lugo (Social Ghost and Megaphone), Justin O’Neil (Blue Man Group, producer at The Fort studios), and Lance Herring on guitar; those musicians provide the soundtrack for the four dancers who will capture your attention for most of the night.

OK, got that? Good. That’s DRIP. And DRIP is currently working on a show called Riff, which, presumably, has the potential to go out on the road. In order to put the material in front of audiences, DRIP is putting on two nights of shows at the Cameo on February 9 and February 10, in which they’ll perform music from Riff, and perform a new, full-cast piece as well. Which, in and of itself, is completely, 100% awesome.


Instead of just having an 8pm curtain time, and then a DRIP performance, the group has made the two nights of shows a true event, inviting an incredibly strong slate of local acts to play as well. Peter Baldwin, Andy Matchett & the Minks, the Pauses, Telethon, Lighthouse Music, and Britt Daley are lined up to perform, with some performing on both nights, others on just one. Oh, and they’re doing an after-party too. Jeez. Is that worth $12? I’m pretty sure it is.

Here are the details:

Wednesday 2/9

  • 8 PM – Britt Daley
  • 9:30 PM – Peter Baldwin
  • 10 PM – Andy Matchett & the Minks
  • 11 PM – DRIP
  • After Party (at the Cameo) with Lighthouse Music

Thursday 2/10

  • 8 PM – Telethon
  • 9:30 PM – The Pauses
  • 10 PM – Andy Matchett & the Minks
  • 11 PM – DRIP
  • After Party (at the Cameo) with Britt Daley

One response to “DRIP at the Cameo shaping up to be one of 2011's most memorable music events

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

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