Gary Numan show preview

There are one-hit wonders, and then there’s Gary Numan. Sure, “Cars” is just about the only song most people know him for, but Numan’s less a one-hit wonder than a one-note mastermind; the guy has managed to come off as omniscient and a little fascist-creepy for almost 30 years now, and to this day, it still seems like he’s got a bead on the future that nobody else has figured out yet. Between 1978 and 1980 he cranked out four consecutive albums of singularly awesome, top-shelf synthetic amazingness and also managed to exponentially up the ante for over-the-top dramatics in his live show (which, really, is saying something when you’re talking about the ‘80s). More impressive: He’s continued – relatively uninterrupted – right through to today without losing any of his ominous and dystopic view of what lays in store for our overconnected society.

First appeared Oct. 14, 2010 in Orlando Weekly.


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