Torche: Songs for Singles CD review

(4 out of 5)

Since breaking into the mainstream with 2008’s Meanderthal, Torche has slimmed down to a trio and toured at a near-constant pace. Still, the frenetic assault of this EP is less influenced by those two things than by the fact that guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks spent a few weeks this spring reunited with his old band Floor. These eight songs don’t sound like Floor, but they do reach for a similarly raw and explosive sound. Instead of Meanderthal’s rich sonics and expansive melodies, Torche about-faces into bracing, aggressive cuts like “Cast Into Unknown” and “U.F.O.” and even though “Out Again” delves into sludgy pop, it’s done in such a lackadaisical fashion that it’s clear that Brooks’ heart – and energy – is definitely more into the faster, louder numbers.

First appeared in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Revolver.


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