Shooter Jennings & Hierophant show preview

It must be said: Shooter Jennings was unimpressive when he first ambled onto the scions-of-outlaw-country-scene. There was an air about him that made him seem both uncomfortable with and incapable of stepping into his daddy’s shoes, and it was evidenced in his middling material. However, his latest album, Black Ribbons, is anything but middling. It’s expansive, slightly trippy and a bit ostentatious, hearkening back to some weird classic-rock fantasia. It bears absolutely no resemblance to any country music album past or present. Whether it was his months spent touring and recording with Earl Greyhound that inspired this explosive and ambitious work is unknown and unimportant; what matters is that Shooter Jennings is absolutely his own artist now, and one well worth paying attention to.

First appeared Sept. 2, 2010 in Orlando Weekly.


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